The Pomme De Terre Lake Area – “The Apple of the Earth”

If you are looking for an idyllic but exciting getaway destination for this summer, there are many places across the length and breadth of this beautiful country that you could choose. For sheer beauty combined with a tremendous variety of available activities, however, there are few that compare with the Pomme de Terre Lake area in Missouri. With a name that translates as “apple of the earth”, the Lake area is sure to be the apple of your family’s collective eye as you enjoy its peaceful, rural ambiance. With abundant campgrounds for families as well as fishing, hunting, water sports, and hiking, there is sure to be something for everyone in your family to enjoy.

The Area

The Pomme de Terre Lake area is known for its tranquil natural environments. As the Lake meanders through both the Lindley Creek and Pomme de Terre valleys, rolling north toward Truman Lake, it now has two functions. Its first and still primary function is to serve as flood control for the valleys. The secondary function, for which it is now better known, is in the subject of recreation. Though it was once a prized area for mining and lumber activity, the entire Lake region is now one of the most peaceful areas in the nation.


If you do vacation in the Pomme de Terre Lake area, a variety of campgrounds, resorts, and other service areas await you and your family. There are more than a dozen resorts and inns, a number of parks for recreational vehicles, and five marinas for boaters. The Lake area itself encompasses almost 8,000 acres of water for boating, making it a popular spot for water sport enthusiasts. Nearly every campsite and park has a ramp area of launching your boat, including several that are managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Hunting and Fishing

Of course, camping and boating are but a part of the many pleasures offered by the Pomme de Terre Lake area. With an abundant supply of various species of fish – including black and white bass, channel cat, and bluegill – there is always good fishing to be had in the waters of the Lake. And if trophy fishing is your game, the Lake has been the home of muskellunge for 44 years. Your favorite style of fishing is available, whether it is from the pier, the boat, or on the lake’s many banks. As for hunters, you will find a wide variety of game animals available for your pleasure – from deer to rabbits and even doves.

Other Pleasures

There is no doubt that the Pomme de Terre Lake area in Missouri is the perfect spot for your family vacation, no matter where your tastes lie. If boating, fishing, and hunting are not your cup of tea, there are even trails for hiking! For a complete vacation experience that allows you and your family to return to the more natural environment of the great outdoors, you will be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable outdoor vacation anywhere in the country.

Sunset on Lake Pomme De Terre
Lake Pomme de Terre

About Lake Pomme De Terre

Lake Pomme de Terre and the adjoining state Park are a haven for campers and vacation goers. The nearest city is Pittsburg, Missouri where you can find overnight lodging for those who chose not to sleep under the beautiful Show Me state's skies. You will find ample recreational opportunities throughout the area.

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